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Meet my dog Buddy

Welcome to My Shepherd BFF! 

I’m Amit, a devoted German Shepherd parent with over 21 years of experience in raising three incredible German Shepherds. 

Here, I share my knowledge, experiences, and love for these magnificent creatures to help fellow German Shepherd enthusiasts like you become the best possible friends, caregivers, and guardians for your furry companions.

My Journey with German Shepherds

My story with German Shepherds began over two decades ago when I was fortunate enough to welcome my first furry friend into my life. I decided to call him “Todo”.

As he started to shred my belongings one by one, I could feel there was a bond forming between us that no amount of chewed-up furniture could break. 

He soon became my faithful sidekick, my partner in crime, and my eternal source of entertainment. 

Over the years, my family expanded to include two more (Rocky & Buddy) amazing German Shepherds who have brought immeasurable joy, companionship, and unconditional love into our lives.

The Birth of My Shepherd BFF

The idea for My Shepherd BFF emerged from a heartfelt experience during my college years. 

Like many young adults, I had to leave the comfort of my home and embark on a new chapter of my life. 

However, the thought of parting ways with Todo left me feeling anxious and worried.

To ensure my BFF received the best care, I entrusted my sister with the responsibility of looking after my furry friend.

However, as my sister stepped into the role of a caregiver, she was confronted with countless questions and uncertainties about properly raising a German Shepherd.

She reached out to me, seeking advice and guidance on various aspects of their care, training, and overall well-being.

It was in those moments that I realized there was a need for a platform where German Shepherd enthusiasts could find reliable information, support, and a community of like-minded individuals.

And so, My Shepherd BFF was born—a virtual haven where the love for German Shepherds flourishes, and where fellow parents, new and experienced alike, can find answers to their burning questions, and seek comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone in their journey.

Our Purpose

At My Shepherd BFF, our purpose is clear—to provide comprehensive guidance and support to all German Shepherd lovers out there.

Whether you’re a first-time owner, a seasoned caretaker, or simply someone with an affinity for these magnificent creatures, this platform is designed with you in mind.

Through a blend of practical tips, heartwarming stories, and personal anecdotes, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to raise a happy, healthy, and well-rounded German Shepherd. 

From puppyhood to adulthood, we delve into topics such as training, nutrition, health, behavior, and the unique bond that exists between humans and German Shepherds.

Join Our Community

As you explore My Shepherd BFF, I invite you to become a part of our growing community—a family of German Shepherd enthusiasts who understand the joys and challenges that come with sharing our lives with these amazing dogs.

Share your own stories, seek advice, and connect with others who share your passion.


Together, let us celebrate the extraordinary bond we share with our German Shepherds and create a world where every German Shepherd receives the love, care, and understanding they deserve.

Thank you for visiting My Shepherd BFF. I hope this platform becomes your go-to resource and a source of inspiration on your journey as a German Shepherd parent.

You can get in touch with me either through the contact page form or email me: [email protected].

With love and gratitude,

Amit and the My Shepherd BFF Community

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