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5 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Care Guide

5 week old German Shepherd puppy picture

So, you’ve got yourself a 5 week old German Shepherd puppy? Well, get ready for an adventure like no other! These little shepherd puppies are bundles of energy and curiosity.

They’re at a crucial stage in their development, where proper care and training will shape them into the magnificent German Shepherds they were born to be.

So in this article, we will talk about their average size and weight, their health, but most importantly we will discuss what and how much you should feed them.

Let’s dive right in!

5 Week Old German Shepherd Overview

WeightApproximately 8-12 pounds
HeightAround 9-11 inches at the shoulder
DietStill primarily nursing, may start to nibble on softened puppy food mixed with water or milk replacer; 4-5 meals a day
DevelopmentEyes fully open, ears erect, starting to walk and explore their surroundings; beginning to develop baby teeth
SocializationBeginning to interact more with littermates and humans, crucial for their emotional and behavioral development; exposure to various sounds, textures, and environments
TrainingBasic socialization is essential, including positive exposure to different people, animals, and environments; introduction to simple commands like “sit” and “come” using positive reinforcement methods
SleepAbout 18-20 hours a day, with brief periods of activity; puppies need plenty of rest for growth and development
HealthReceiving vaccinations starting at 6-8 weeks old; regular check-ups with a veterinarian to monitor growth, and health, and address any concerns such as parasites or congenital issues
CareKeeping warm as they are still unable to regulate their body temperature fully; gentle grooming to introduce them to the sensation and to keep their coat clean; providing safe toys for chewing and mental stimulation

5 Week Old German Shepherd Weight

At 5 weeks old, German Shepherd puppies typically weigh around 8 to 12 pounds. This can vary slightly depending on genetics and individual development. Some may be on the lower end of the scale, while others might weigh closer to 12 pounds.

It’s essential to remember that these numbers are averages, so don’t worry if your pup falls slightly outside this range.

How Big is a 5 Week Old German Shepherd?

In terms of height, you can expect a 5-week-old German Shepherd puppy to measure approximately 9 to 11 inches from paw to shoulder. Again, this is an average range, and individual puppies may vary in size. Keep in mind that they are still growing rapidly at this stage, so their measurements will continue to change over time.

To learn more about the growth and developmental milestones of your GSD pup, you should check out my article about German Shepherd growth stages.

What Does a 5 week old German Shepherd Look Like?

At 5 weeks old, GSD puppies are still very young and small. They are still in the early stages of growth and development.

5 week old german shepherd puppies

Here’s a description of what you might expect them to look like:

  1. Body: Their bodies are relatively compact and chubby, with soft, rounded features. Their chests are starting to broaden, but they still have a somewhat disproportionate appearance with their large heads compared to their bodies.
  2. Coat: German Shepherd puppies at 5 weeks old usually have a fluffy, soft coat that is thicker around their neck and chest area.
  3. Eyes: By 5 weeks, their eyes are fully open and bright, displaying curiosity and awareness of their surroundings.
  4. Ears: Their ears are generally floppy at this age.
  5. Movement: They may wobble around as they begin to experiment with walking and playing. Their movements are still somewhat clumsy as they are learning to coordinate their muscles.
  6. Teeth: At 5 weeks old, German Shepherd puppies are starting to develop their baby teeth, although they may not be fully erupted yet. They may begin to explore chewing behaviors as their teeth come in.
  7. Interaction: These puppies are becoming more interactive with their littermates and may engage in gentle play and socialization. They are also starting to form bonds with humans and may enjoy cuddling and being held.

Overall, 5-week-old German Shepherd puppies are adorable bundles of fur who are just beginning to explore the world around them. They are developing rapidly but still rely heavily on their mother and littermates for care and socialization.

Feeding a 5 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy

The best puppy food for your puppy’s first 4 weeks of life is their mother’s milk, which has the best balance of nutrients for a growing puppy. (Source)

However, most people/breeders will start to wean their puppies off their mother’s milk by the time they are 5 weeks old. This is the age when the puppy’s baby teeth will appear, making them ready for the weaning process—the slow transition from mother’s milk to puppy food.

Puppies of this age typically need to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. Aim for feeding them around 4-5 times a day to ensure they receive enough nutrients for growth and energy

What to Feed a 5 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy?

While puppies may still nurse from their mother at 5 weeks old, they should also begin eating solid food. Start by introducing moistened puppy food or puppy formula to help them transition gradually.

Mix the puppy food with warm water or puppy formula to create a soft gruel that is easier for them to consume.

You can also offer your pup a flat saucer of reconstituted puppy milk replacer added with pre-soaked puppy biscuits or canned puppy food, crumbled into tiny bits. (Milk replacer comes in powder and liquid forms.)

Continue to decrease the amount of milk every day until your pup is eating puppy food with little or no extra moisture.

5 week old german shepherd puppy sitting

How Much Should a 5 Week Old German Shepherd Eat?

At 5 weeks old, your pup needs 430-450 Kcals/day. Aim for around 1 3/4 cups of high-quality puppy food spread throughout the day. Remember, their stomachs are still developing, so providing smaller portions (1/4 cup) helps prevent overeating and potential digestive issues.

While it may be tempting to share your meals with your furry friend, it’s best to avoid feeding them human food at this age. Human food may not meet their specific nutritional requirements and can lead to digestive issues or nutrient imbalances.

It’s always best to consult your veterinarian for specific feeding instructions tailored to your individual German Shepherd puppy. They will take into account factors such as weight, activity level, and overall health when recommending the appropriate portion sizes.

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Check out this video of cute 5 week old German Shepherd puppies…

Puppy Care Guide

Taking care of a puppy requires attention to various aspects of their health, nutrition, socialization, and safety. Here’s a comprehensive care guide to help you provide the best care for your young puppy:

  1. Feeding: At 5 weeks old, puppies are transitioning from nursing to solid food. Offer them a high-quality puppy food formulated for their nutritional needs. Feed them small, frequent meals throughout the day, about 4-5 times a day, to support their growth and energy requirements.
  2. Hydration: Provide access to fresh, clean water at all times to keep your puppy hydrated.
  3. Healthcare: Schedule a veterinary check-up for your puppy to ensure they are healthy and up to date on vaccinations and deworming. Discuss a vaccination schedule and preventative care, such as flea and tick prevention, with your vet.
  4. Socialization: Start socializing your puppy with different people, animals, and environments to help them become well-adjusted adults. Introduce them to new experiences gradually and positively reinforce good behavior.
  5. Training: Begin basic training exercises with your puppy, such as potty training and simple commands like “sit” and “stay.” Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats and praise, to encourage desired behaviors.
  6. Exercise: Provide age-appropriate exercise and playtime for your puppy to help them burn off energy and develop strong muscles. Short walks, interactive play sessions, and toys that encourage mental stimulation are all beneficial for their physical and mental health.
  7. Grooming: Establish a grooming routine for your puppy, including brushing their coat, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears and teeth regularly. Introduce grooming activities gradually and make them a positive experience for your puppy.
  8. Safety: Puppy-proof your home by removing any potential hazards, such as toxic plants, small objects they could swallow, and electrical cords. Keep hazardous substances like cleaning products and medications out of reach.
  9. Rest and Sleep: Provide a comfortable and safe sleeping area for your puppy, such as a cozy bed or crate. Puppies need plenty of rest to support their growth and development, so ensure they have quiet time to nap throughout the day.
  10. Attention and Affection: Spend quality time bonding with your puppy through cuddles, playtime, and training sessions. Positive interaction strengthens your relationship and helps your puppy feel secure and loved.
  11. Monitoring Development: Keep track of your puppy’s growth, behavior, and overall health. Look out for any signs of illness or discomfort and consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

By following this care guide, you can provide your 5-week-old puppy with the love, attention, and support they need to thrive and grow into a happy and healthy adult dog.

5 week old German Shepherd puppy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Socialize My Puppy?

At this tender age, your German Shepherd puppy is like a sponge, absorbing everything around them. It’s essential to expose them to different experiences and stimuli while ensuring their safety and comfort. Introduce them to new humans, including family members and friends who can handle them gently.

Let them interact with other vaccinated dogs under supervision as it promotes the development of social skills.

To gradually familiarize your puppy with different sights and sounds, take them on short walks or outings. Start by exploring quieter areas before progressing to busier environments such as parks or pet-friendly stores.

Expose them to everyday noises like traffic, sirens, doorbells, vacuum cleaners – anything they might encounter in their future lives.

Remember that puppies have short attention spans, so keep socialization sessions brief but frequent throughout the day. Aim for multiple interactions each day rather than one long session.

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How Much Sleep Does a 5 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Need?

A 5-week-old German Shepherd puppy requires about 18 to 20 hours of sleep every day.

Puppies this young have high energy bursts when they are awake, but they tire quickly and need frequent naps to rest and recharge. It’s essential to provide a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment for your puppy to ensure they get the rest they need.

As they grow older, their sleep patterns will gradually adjust, but it’s normal for puppies to sleep a lot during the first few months of life.

How to Train my 5 Week Old Puppy?

  • Start with Basic Commands: Begin by introducing simple commands like sit, stay, and come. These fundamental cues will form the building blocks of their obedience skills. Use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or praise to motivate your furry friend. Reward them every time they successfully follow a command, reinforcing the desired behavior.
  • Keep Training Sessions Short: At this age, puppies have a short attention span and their focus can waver quickly. To match their limited attention span, keep training sessions short and sweet—around 5 minutes is ideal.
  • Use Consistent Cues and Rewards: To ensure successful training outcomes, use consistent cues and rewards throughout the learning process. For example, use the same verbal command accompanied by a hand signal each time you want them to sit or stay.

Here are some GSD training commands that you can start teaching your puppy today!

How Much Exercise Does a 5-Week-Old German Shepherd Puppy Need?

Limited playtime with littermates or supervised interactions with humans is sufficient exercise for a 5-week-old German Shepherd puppy.

These activities allow them to engage in socialization while also burning some energy. It’s essential to monitor these play sessions closely to ensure they don’t become too rough or overwhelming for the little pup.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that their bones are still growing and delicate. Intense physical activities can put excessive strain on their developing joints, potentially leading to long-term health issues.

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In conclusion, investing time and effort into raising a healthy 5-week-old German Shepherd will result in a loyal companion for years to come. Remember to seek veterinary guidance throughout your puppy’s care journey. Regular check-ups and vaccinations are essential to prevent common health issues in German Shepherds. Taking proactive measures will contribute to their overall well-being.


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